(( 3D Pony Creator! I made a Snowy!! This is super cool! ))

I thought you’d just.. Forgotten about me..!


Heeeeeere it is, the milestone you’ve all been waiting months for! I know, it took forever, but I’m very proud of it, and I hope you all are too. As of now though, I have 700+ followers, but that’s fine, it’s still above 600! I have a full list of the blogs I used on a Google Doc, right here: 


I hope you all enjoy, and please pardon any mistakes I may have made, this was a huge headache to make. But it was so worth it. 

It’s pretty!!

I.. Still don’t have one

Now that things have calmed down.. Maybe I’ll come back

(( I had sooo much fun playing Legends of Equestria this weekend! It was their open server weekend! I actually had no idea! I just joined at the right time, I guess!

The servers aren’t open right now, but they should be again soon, and I’ll certainly be playing again! I’ll make a post about it when it happens, and maybe you guys can join me!

It’s a little buggy, but FUN FUN FUN!!))


This guy seems cool…

I wonder if I ever got his daughter an autograph…

Maybe once I retrieve my head I’ll remember… hmm…

((The journey continues!))

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